Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It wasn't just us!

This is as far as we got before we gave up. They weren't letting anyone else into the aquarium until people came out. People coming out suggested that sardines swimming in the tanks had a good laugh at the people sardines packed into the aquarium. But there was no special treatment for anyone getting in. Standing behind us in line was Kurt Steinhaus, immediate Past president of ISTE and his wife. We had a good chat with them as Kurt had been to New Zealand. We told him that we had set ourselves the task of talking to someone from each state in the US and that we were concerned about finding people from Alaska. He wished us well. The next morning during a break he found us and said that he had found someone from Alaska and told them about us, as well as giving or descriptions. Kurt was really friendly and made us feel very welcome at the conference.

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