Monday, June 25, 2007


I thought I would capture my NECC experience as a simple narrative. I’m thinking a lot about the conference so thought I would share my thoughts. I’ve been offline for a few days so some of this is post dated.

Thursday 21st June, 9.30pm. I still at school wanting to get the board newsletter out but wouldn’t you know it, I’m having technical difficulties with the colour printer. 9.32 and I’m resigned to the fact that it ain’t going to happen. With less than 24 hours before I jump on the plane there is still a lot to do but I think I can tick the “must dos off before I leave.

Friday 22nd June 10-30am. Well the morning hasn’t gone as I had planned. I’ve spent a bit of time talking with kids and parents (end of term melt downs). I had the abusive parent so have rung the police as I’m not to keen on walking out and leaving Christine without an option if things turn nasty. My last act at lunchtime before heading to the airport is to stand one of the kids down for an unprovoked assault. Having spent half an hour with parent and child first thing in the morning talking positively it’s not a great way to leave the school grounds.

Faz has already been in San Francisco all week. Bridget and I for some reason are on different domestic flights. Bridget’s flight cuts her international connection a little fine so she has rung the travel agent to see what she can do. I now end up on a different flight, now cutting my time down, but not on the same flight s Bridget. The woman an check in was great. She can’t solve our problem but puts us in the front row of the plane so we can get straight off and make a dash for the international airport. We both get straight through immigration so America, here we come.

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