Monday, June 25, 2007

San Francisco

I need to say that America has never featured highly on my list of places to visit. I watch a lot of American TV. I watch a lot of PGA golf and there are places I would love to visit and experience (The Masters is right up there). So I’m approaching this trip with an open mind. I’ve heard lots of negative stuff about travelling in the states so we were pleasantly surprised to be waiting for our ride outside arrivals 25 minutes after touching down. Elander was the guy’s name at Immigration. What a great job he did as first point of contact for his country. He was pleasant, friendly. Got the information he needed from us (finger prints and photo) but did it in a nice way. Fazza’s friends Jo and Stacy pick us up from the airport. Really nice people. After checking into our hotel we go for a bit of a tour. We only have a few hours so we shoot down to Pier 39 to look at the shops, seals and sample some of the food. On our way I snapped this photo of a policeman pulling over a guy in a wheelchair. Not quite sure what he did but made for interesting viewing. Fazza has really embraced the American shops apparently. Stacy said he was like the everyready battery, he keeps shpping and shopping. San Francisco is a great city. Feels like a combination of Wellington / Auckland / Melbourne / Sydney all rolled into one. We drove across the bridge and have dinner in Salsalito, fantastic.

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