Monday, June 25, 2007

Somewhere over the Pacific

The science of time is so cool. You hop on a plane at 7-00pm Friday in NZ, fly for 12 hours and get to San Francisco at lunchtime Friday. On the graphic on the screen in front of me shows the pattern the sun makes re: darkness and daylight in that sort of bell curve way. It reminds of Mark Treadwell as he did a session a few years ago where he was demonstrating this in terms of our technology being a powerful tool to convey this concept.

I’m also thinking about this whole trip. NECC has stood out for me as a must do experience. I’m trying for the trifecta, WCEC, NECC and BECTA with NECC being the second leg. Three big educational conferences on computers in education. Presenting at WCEC in 2001 in Copenhagen was a really cool experience. I’m not presenting this time. I’m wanting to gauge the state of where things are at. Web 2.0 is big at the moment and most of the stuff I’m reading is coming from the states. So NECC is where I’ve come. I’ve hopefully already been exposed to the potential and possibility of these technologies via the net I’m interested in the narratives. The stories of how people are turning this stuff into powerful learning.

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